Are we living in a feedlot?

Just as we force too many cattle into a feedlot to maximize profits over good health and humane farming are we doing the same to ourselves in big cities like New York and Los Angeles.

If we had many more small towns it would be easier to reach herd immunity. People are unhealthy and sick in the big cities just like the cattle in the feedlot.

At a small farm, it is easier to quarantine a sick cow and if the whole herd gets sick it’s a smaller number of sick cattle.

The same works for people. We need to leave the big cities where we are crammed together. We are sick too often and need medicine more often to keep people well.

Smaller towns of 10,000 people or less would allow nurses and doctors to keep us healthy. We have more than enough land to support 50,000+ towns. Some towns are smaller than 10,000 so we could leave them as they are and build new smaller towns. We could also bring dead or dying towns back to life with people from the big cities.

This past year people have realized how to work remotely. With technology like Starlink, we can have universal internet.

It would also be more green. It is much easier to build out solar and wind if there are fewer houses to support and more land available to work with.

We could also use regenerative farming to bring desert areas back to good farm land. Make food, power, and community all in one.

A small town would allow for a walking town that could have cars on the outer edge for less pollution and a smaller carbon footprint.

We need to think small and think green to bring health and good living back to the world.

The World is my Race Track.