Close the schools, Please

With the issues of the past year we should rethink how we teach our children. Neighborhoods should get together. One or two blocks at a time to quarantine until a small group of kids and a few parents can safely get together. We should create a modern version of the one room schoolhouse. We should stop breaking the wills of our children and treating them as prisoners. Current schools are based on training them to be good factory workers. For most kids, schools have turned into a prison that replaces a babysitting service that parents need to have time to work. Between Kahn academy and home schooling tools it would be easy to recreate school in a way that benefits parents and children. Teachers are already dispersed among neighborhoods. It would be easy for them to teach the children around them. Most areas have buildings and rooms close by that would work but people would have to work together. Think about how the money spend on schools now could go directly into teach children. With the money saved we could use that money to make government incentives that would allow one parent to stay home to help. It would be a great opportunity for men to step up and allow women to continue their careers. Schools should teach the basics of reading, typing and basic math. Most of what kids need to learn is on the Internet. Currently kids go to school until age 18 and go to college if they are lucky and get a degree by 22 or 23. Why can’t we drop the useless information and get kids done at age 16 with an equivalent of a associate’s degree. Teaching financial responsibility, how to cook food and proper nutrition. We should teach skills that people need to live a good life. This is a call out to all parents that you can fix this now and you don’t have to wait for government to fix the problems that are only getting worse.




The World is my Race Track.

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Brian Akey

Brian Akey

The World is my Race Track.

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