Will SolarWinds create digital preppers?

I noticed a few years ago as people starting dumping their smart phones for flip phones. People like Adam Curry from NoAgenda wanted to gain back some privacy from companies like Facebook and Google.

I’ve been in the computer field for a long time. I learned early on that physical security is everything. The cloud throws this out the window. Amazon telling me to just trust them. Microsoft is know to use SolarWinds. Do they use in on the Azure servers? Does Amazon or Google use them? Is the cloud already compromised?

The issues with SolarWinds can easily be mitigated. I have built a a system where servers are on dedicated networking with an external load balancer that had access in but the servers cannot talk out. Talk only when spoken to. Using proxy servers to allow access to updates so every external access is fully monitored. I have built a few of these systems but I have yet to see many others doing the same.

With the current climate of DevOps and cloud, security has taken a back seat. Look at most of the big startups in Silicone Valley and you will see a lack of security.

Maybe the current group of digital preppers aren’t so crazy after all. We can look to them and see that there should be more concern than there is. It is not just your privacy but your security.

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